About Me

My name is Ian Morrison and I am a software/web developer and self-taught full-stack developer. With over a decade of development experience I have worked on each level of the development stack, from Servers and Hosting Evnironment to API layer and User Experience. How times have changed since then! How times continue to change! I love everything related to technology and the web. I'm interested in design and creation that comes with developing.

Where I've been

The landscape has dramtically change since the 90s. I started my career working in VB 6.0 with Visual Source Safe and SQL Server 7 as the backend. Servers where big and expensive and sounded like jet engines; workstation where big and beige and keyboards would be used as a defensive weapon if required to defend one's self. Buisness computers ran Windows NT 4.0 or Warp OS. I spent those days working image conversion applications in VB 6.0 with Visual Source Safe, burning CD's and Microfilm. Life was good when MS 2000 Pro and the first Visual Studio .Net Framework were released. Back then JavaScript was generally blocked on coperate computers and iframes where the bad alternative to using frames on website.

Long gone are the the early days of coding basic routines and simple software in VB 6.0.

The spaces inbetween

Over the past decade I have worked on a number of legacy systems, databases, and servers. With each new itteration of Windows OS or SQL Server, I became involved in various projects to upgrade these systems. As new technologies became industry standards my expertise becames to bring existing system into the new era.

  • Images that I had once burned to micorfilm I copied to CD, the CD's I burned to DVD's and then made it accessable via secure web portal.
  • Thick client applications with SQL authentication where upgraded to .Net with LDAP and then ultimately replaced with Citrix Appserver.
  • The birth of OCR began with manual key stroke entry and evolved to barcode/form recognition and now to current day systems like IRIS.
  • SQL Server 7.0 went from identity columns migration issues to SQL 2000 with unique identifiers, SQL 2012 Express Advance with CTE expressions.
  • VB 6.0 to .Net Frameworks with all the new features and tools. ASP.Net 1.1 ... 2.0 ... 3.0 ... 4.0. Visual Studio J# and java libraries to JavaScript Frameworks.

A life time of programming has risen and fallen in such a short period of time. Trecherous was the life of coder who invested the his time on the wrong technology.

Where I am

Currently I continue my profession development in the .Net Framework, migrating legacy system into the new era. Converting VB applications to C#, upgrading .Net Frameworks. I found proficencies in breaking apart old enterprise applications and applying current standards and code to them. I guess I'm the guy that fits the square peg into the round hole (so to speak). I take an agile iterative approach to upgrading systems where replacement is too costly or disruptive to an organization. It has required me to draw upon my past experiences as well as maintaining current skills.

  • .Net 2.0 Framework to 4.5 .Net Framework
  • Webforms applications to MVC 3.0
  • Webforms applications to PHP
  • Crystal Reports to Web Reports (Telerik)
  • Depreciated SDK's to opensouce solutions like jQuery and NodeJS
  • SQL 2008 to SQL 2012, SQL 2008 to MySQL
  • Visual SourceSafe to SourceGear to Team Foundation Server 2012 and presently GitHub

These past few years have truly been the golden age of web development a renaissance of coding not seen since the 70s; I do not beleive I have seen anything like this before.

Where I'm going

I love everything related to technology and the web. I'm also very interested in design and creation. I am looking for a development position with a forward thinking IT company where I can continue to grow. I continue to prusue technological advancements where ever it maybe and spend my free time continuing my eduction on the following:

  • .Net Framework 4.6 which is now opensourse and platform independed Visual Studio 2015 poses to be a player in the future. How can one not see the potential to develope in their native language (C#) and deploy to iOS, Android and MS.
  • MySQL and SQL 2012
  • WebAPI, RESTful services
  • jQuery, AngularJS, NodeJS
  • CMS systems like Orchard, Magento and Drupal
  • Font-End development UX and Design thinking
  • Project Management & Strategy Data Models Social Media Platforms

To see how I am progressing on these topics check out the Gilligan Project